Earth Rated

Earth Rated is committed to high-quality, innovative products designed to help make cleaning up after your pet less of a chore!

Earth Rated was founded in 2009 by five long-time friends, all of whom are still actively working for the company 10 years later. Earth Rated is on a mission to keep your household, your neighborhood and even the planet clean from the messes left behind by our pets. All Earth Rated products are cruelty-free. and all of the packaging is made from recycled materials, and use recyclable paper cores for their poop bag rolls instead of plastic.

Started in 2009, Earth Rated was created to innovate a new kind of pet waste bag! One that was functional and eco-friendly! 

From 2010-2013, Earth Rated took part in their first U.S. trade show and partnered with their first distributor. This allowed their first waste bags to be put on shelves in North America!

2014-2017, the company launched a new innovative package design and introduced new stain and odor-remover products. The company was then able to move to a new and larger office!

2018-2019, Earth Rated grew and expanded to hit the European market. The company's team then grows by more than 57%!

Earth Rated also proudly commits to giving back to the community! The Blanket Campaign, Bad Rap, and the Unexpected Pit Bull are just a handful of the wonderful charities Earth Rated has helped partner with! Whether it's helping pet shelters in need or sending bags to pet foster families, Earth Rated is devoted to helping pets everywhere!

Earth Rated has been a fan favorite of The Pet Beastro for many years. We know you will love it too!