From the beginning, earthbath has been developed and manufactured in California with only the safest, finest ingredients from nature. From humble roots and a local following, based on the principles of purity and efficacy, earthbath has grown from four shampoos to a comprehensive line of natural shampoos, wipes, spritzes, and grooming foams that are sold and used by conscientious animal lovers across the nation and around the world.

Earthbath products are made in the USA with natural and organic ingredients and no artificial colors. Earthbbath products are non toxic, paraben & sulfate free, phthalate free, and phosphate free. And NO soap in the shampoos! which can dry skin and remove necessary skin oils. earthbath’s comprehensive line of shampoos, grooming wipes, and spritzes offer heavenly scented™ solutions for the unique needs of your pet, including everyday cleansing and coat conditioning, relief from itching or hot spots, combating pests, skin sensitivity or allergy, odor relief, and more. Botanical fragrances inspired by nature will have your pet smelling better than ever while naturally improving their skin and coat.

We love Earthbath here at The Pet Beastro and we know you will love them too!

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