FirstMate and Kasiks pet food uses only the highest quality ingredients to create our lines of Grain Friendly, Grain Free and Canned pet food. Michael Florian, the founder of Taplow Feeds and FirstMate Pet Foods, fished commercially for years aboard his fishing vessel, the Taplow. First, as a deckhand and eventually as the owner, he fished for halibut, salmon, and herring, plying the waters of the North Pacific. 

He continued to fish for many years until it became evident that depletion of fish stocks was not just an East Coast phenomenon. Michael got involved in aquaculture and started Taplow Ventures Ltd., manufacturing fish feed for the burgeoning salmon farming industry in British Columbia.Keeping the name ‘Taplow’, he called his food and business Taplow Feeds. The fishing vessel Taplow always did well over the decades. Mike kept the name in the hopes that some of that luck would rub off on the new company. The initial years of providing feed to the salmon farms proved to be interesting. 

During those times dogs were allowed on the farm sites. Their purpose was to guard the stock from predators both animal and human. However, the guard dogs enjoyed feeding themselves with the high quality fish feed.  The owners of the farms were concerned about their expensive fish feed inventory and asked us to develop a dog food that would satisfy the dogs and keep them away from the high protein fish feed.  Michael and his staff including professional nutritionists, went back to work and developed a good food.  FirstMate was born. Since then FirstMate grew into a worldwide brand. 

FirstMate is a trusted family-owned and operated company created in 1989 by pet owners for pet owners! They are committed to only offering your pet quality and safe natural products. They hold complete production control to ensure the strictest quality control standards. FirstMate’s Executive Vice President Is A Veterinarian & Pet Nutritionist B.Sc. M.Sc. D.V.M.

FirstMate is a popular customer favorite here at The Pet Beastro! Your pet will love all the healthy and delicious options they have to offer!

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