GivePet, LLC

With GivePet products, you can feel good knowing that you're feeding your pet a healthy and delicious treat while helping support animal shelters across the country! GivePet is committed to giving back to the pet community while providing your fur-baby with all-natural treats that are tasty and healthy! Partial proceeds from each bag sold goes back to one of GivePet's shelter partners in the form of the same bag of healthy treats you buy. This ensures that both your pet and shelter pets across the country are being provided with natural healthy treats they'll love!

GivePet was founded by Chris, a dog-lover since the very first day his family adopted his first beloved dog, Lummox when he was five years old. Ever since then Chris has had a passion for pets and has been committed to giving back to pets in need. He started with donating to local shelters and after 16 years working in the premium pet food industry, he was able to help pets even more with the start of GivePet!

By buying a bag of treats from GivePet, you're spreading the love to shelter pets all across the country!