Grandma Lucy's

Since 1999, Grandma Lucy's has been making quality all-natural pet treats and food for your furry friend to enjoy! Grandma Lucy's is a trusted family-owned and operated company that is devoted to offering your pets high-quality natural products for a long and happy life!

The family's inspiration for creating Grandma Lucy's began in 1999 when their sweet 11-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Lucy became very picky about what she ate. She also developed various food allergies that stopped her from eating just any food or treat on the market. After researching, the family was shocked at how many commercial pet food companies used unhealthy or low-quality ingredients in their products. This inspired the family to create and cook homemade treat and food recipes for Lucy to enjoy. Lucy loved her homemade diet and thrived on it! This made the family want to share with the rest of pet parents around the world healthy and quality pet products they could feed to their beloved fur-babies!

They began by selling their homemade treats to every pet event in their local area to grow their brand. Word spread quickly and soon they were barely able to keep up with production for the demand for their treats! Grandma Lucy's was soon able to grow and expand into the amazing company it is today!

Grandma Lucy's was also one of the first pet brand's to offer high-quality freeze-dried food and treats for pets! This makes them one of the most innovative pet brands on the market today!

Grandma Lucy's only uses the highest-quality human-grade ingredients in their treats and food. Their limited-ingredient formulas are ideal for any pet with food sensitiveness or allergies! Proudly made in the USA!

Grandma Lucy's is a customer favorite here at The Pet Beastro! Our pet parents and their fur-babies love it, and we know yours will love it too!