Green Juju

Started in 2014 after Kelley Marian's beloved dog, Baily was diagnosed with cancer, Green Juju was created by Kelley to holistically help with Bailey's health issues. Her dog's various health problems made surgery difficult, so Kelley created a natural treatment that would help Bailey while being gentle on her weakened immune system. Since she was familiar with creating raw juices for herself, Kelley crafted her own blend of fresh fruits and veggies to create a recipe that would help Bailey's health issues. Kelley's special blend helped Bailey's health immensely and allowed her to become strong enough for surgery to make her completely cancer-free. Kelley's success story about Bailey and her Green Juju creation quickly spread and soon she was able to market and sell Green Juju for all pet owners across the country! Green Juju allows pet parents to easily add nutrient-dense superfoods such as fresh fruits and veggies to their pet's diet!

Kelley Marian has a passion for dogs and started and sold her own dog-walking business before creating Green Juju in 2014. Her love for dogs, especially her fur-baby, Bailey, inspired her to create a way to help improve the health of pets all across the country!

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