Since 2009, HuggleHounds has been bringing your pets fun and durable toys that are built to last! HuggleHounds' innovative company created the Knotties®, the original knotted plush dog toy! Each year the company creates new and exciting Knotties® to add to your pet's toy collection!

Each HuggleHounds toy is researched and tested to create a fun and durable toy that your pet will get endless enjoyment out of! HuggleHounds toys are proudly designed and made in the USA! HuggleHounds uses uniquely designed durable plush corduroy and special Tuffut Technology® lining to add extra lining and durability to every toy! Knotties® special knotted limbs make them perfect for long fun games of tug-of-war with your four-legged companion! They also come with durable squeakers and are machine-washable! CE Certification ensures that HuggleHounds toys are safe for both your pet and the planet! Every toy goes through strict quality control to ensure a safe product.

HuggleHounds is a beloved fan-favorite here at the Pet Beastro! HuggleHounds has a collection of fun furry friends to add to your pet's toy collection! Bring home a new friend today!