Inaba has been offering pets quality flavorful and healthy treats and food since 1958. Inaba is a family company that has a passion for pets that has been passed down for generations to create a caring and trusting company. They only use quality human-grade, nutrient packed ingredients to create delicious healthy recipes. 

It all started in 1805, when Mr. Yoshizo Inaba began his business in Japan, harvesting fresh quality tuna from the sea to provide healthy food to families throughout Japan. The family built upon their seafood harvesting heritage to expand into the pet food industry in 1958 and in 1989, the Inaba CIAOTM brand was created.

Inaba treats are low calorie, grain- free, moisture-filled, and made without any added artificial preservatives or artificial colors. They only use the best quality meat sourced from cage-free chicken, humanely-raised on closely supervised farms. Their deep-sea tuna is sustainably-sourced and certified dolphin-safe.

Today, Inaba CIAOTM is the most popular brand of premium canned cat dinners and treats in Japan, with their products availability and popularity quickly growing throughout the United States. Inaba is a fan-favorite of kitties here at The Pet Beastro!

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