Kin + Kind

Started by siblings Janine and Thomas, Kin + Kind uses their passion to provide your pet with the best in all-natural grooming, skincare, and pet supplement products. After growing up spending time in her local pet store, and later being hired there at 16, Janine dreamed of the day she could open her own pet store and care for animals that needed forever homes. At 22 her dream became a reality when she opened her pet shop, Animal Crackers.

Ten years later, she adopted a sweet tan pit bull named Mishka that had missing fur, alligator skin, and raw hot spots all over her body. Suspecting food allergies, Janine quickly changed Mishka's diet which helped her hair loss. However, she still had itchy raw skin with hot spots. Janine then turned to researching natural remedies to help her fur-baby. She created her own special blend of products that helped heal Mishka's skin problems. After showing her brother, Thomas encouraged her to make the products available to everyone to help naturally treat their pets. Partnered together, Janine and Thomas were able to create Kin + Kind!

Kin + Kind only uses all-natural organic ingredients in each and every product without the use of unnecessary processing or artificial additives. Organic essential oils are used in soaps and shampoos and pure raw superfoods are used in supplements to provide your pet with the very best all-natural product. When you buy Kin + Kind you can be confident that you are buying from a trusted company created by pet-parents for pet-parents to bring you the best in all-natural pet care!