Momentum Carnivore Nutrition was founded by Jeff Maretti to bring your canine companion protein-packed nutritious products that will keep them energized and full of vitality for a healthy and happy life! Jeff utilized his 30-year experience in the meat industry to create protein-rich products that will help dogs thrive. Jeff started his own meat market, opened an Italian deli, and founded his own freeze-dried business, using his passion to offer people and their pets the highest quality meats. He used his experience in the freeze-dried industry to educate himself on raw pet diets and how to better alter the nutrition of his Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Peter, to improve his overall health. After switching Peter from kibble to raw, Jeff saw an immediate improvement. Peter became energized with a healthy skin and coat and bright eyes! Jeff was then inspired to share his success with other pet owners by providing their dogs with the best high-protein low-fat nutrition!

Co-owner, Toni Maretti grew up on a farm and always had a passion for caring for and helping animals. As a young girl she loved helping her family around the farm caring for the animals, especially those that were young, sick, or injured. After graduating college and taking a job in customer service, Toni felt a lack of passion in her job. She then decided she would join her dad in creating Momentum Carnivore Nutrition so she could follow her true passion of caring for animals by providing them with healthy raw diets!

The Maretti family proudly employs their canine companions as the company's own furry taste-testers! Every product produced by Momentum Canine Nutrition is Sophie, Farley, and Peyton approved!