Nootie is here to bring you high-quality pet shampoos and sprays that both you and your pet will love! With a variety of clean scents, there is a bottle of Nootie shampoo for every pet-filled home! Each bottle of shampoo and spritz smells great and helps promote a healthy skin and coat! Features all-natural ingredients like Aloe and Oatmeal, Essential Fatty Acids, and Rosemary and Jojoba oil for healthy skin, a shiny coat, and relief from common skin problems! All Nootie products are proudly made in the USA!

Started by founder, Lonnie Schwimmer to create quality pet grooming products that both pets and their owners would love to use. As passionate pet owners, Lonnie and his wife were tired of settling for sub-par pet shampoos. This inspired them to create their own line of products for pet parents everywhere to enjoy! Keep your pet clean and happy with a product from Nootie today!


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