Nugget's Healthy Eats

Named after the founder's sweet and special golden retriever lab mix, Nugget's Healthy Eats strives to bring your pet the healthiest and freshest treats around. Made with the purest all-natural ingredients for your pet's health and happiness!

At 11 years old, Nugget fought and beat liver cancer, and with the win of that fight, his owners needed to adjust his diet. Nugget now needed a kidney-friendly diet. This included a diet high in protein, potassium, and omega fatty acids and low in phosphorus and sodium. This led Nugget's owners to make homemade bone broth and yogurt treats to keep him healthy and happy. Their dedication to a fresh and healthy diet extended Nugget's life to a long and happy 15 years. This inspired his owners to create Nugget's Healthy Eats to bring fresh and healthy treats to pets everywhere!