Pure Herbs LTD

Pure Herbs LTD is deeply dedicated to providing people and their pets with premium-quality all-natural supplements for improved health and wellness. These pet-safe all-natural supplements are the perfect way to give your pet's health and diet a boost.

Founded by Dr. Eugene C. Watkins B.S.ed., M.S., N.D. with an extensive educational background in biology, biochemistry, botany and plant physiology. Eugene earned his Masters of Science degree from Michigan State University and received a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the Anglo-American Institute of Drugless Therapy in Bournemouth, Great Britain in 1976. He then earned a second Naturopathic Doctor’s Degree from the American University of Natural Therapeutics & Preventative Medicine in Mesa, Arizona. Eugene used his extensive studies on vitamins, minerals and herbs to found Pure Herbs LTD in 1976 to offer the public and their pets with top-quality natural supplements.

Pure Herbs LTD only uses pure all-natural ingredients in their supplements. All ingredients are responsibly-sourced through trusted independent suppliers. This ensures the best quality control. 

Pure Herbs LTD is a trusted manufacturer of safe all-natural supplements that are enjoyed by both people and their pets everywhere.

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