SodaPup will be your furry friend's new favorite line! SodaPup offers an array of partnered product lines, including USA-K9, Industrial Dog, Spotnik, MuttsKickButt, and Harvard's Finest to match dogs of all shapes and sizes! The rubber material used is FDA-compliant, non-toxic, BPA-free, and safe for your dog. And on top of all that it is natural (comes from rubber trees), sustainable, and biodegradable for an eco-friendly toy line! Proudly produced in the USA! SodaPup is committed to providing your pup with fun safe products that are healthy for both your pet and the planet! These durable dog toys are perfect for power chewers! Features 3 compound lines: Original for super chewers, Puppy, and Magnum for the ultimate chew monsters! SodaPup is also a proud donator to humane societies, canine law enforcement, canine military, and working dog organizations through their Rescue2 program! Keep your pup and the planet happy with a toy from SodaPup!

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