Sustainably Yours

Try an eco-friendly alternative to cat litter with an all-natural litter from Sustainably Yours! Each bag of litter is proudly made in the USA and biodegradable to help our planet!

Sustainably Yours was started to create a new kind of cat litter that cat-owners could be excited about. One that would be superior quality for their cat while helping to preserve the planet. After experimenting with many plant-based ingredients, Sustainably Yours formulated the perfect blend of corn and cassava. Both of these ingredients are sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. This special formula is quick-clumping with fast-acting odor control for easy cleaning and a fresh-smelling home. And your kitty will love the feeling of the soft texture on their paws!

After three years, Sustainably Yours has continued to grow and thrive to be made available on shelves of pet stores through the United States. Sustainably Yours continues to strive to create superior pet products you and your fur-baby will love!