The Honest Kitchen

Select a premium pet brand that you can trust for transparence and superior quality with The Honest Kitchen! By choosing The Honest Kitchen, you are helping your pet live a healthier and happier life!

The Honest Kitchen was established by founder Lucy Postins. After feeding her fur-baby standard commercial pet food, she saw how her pet would continually develop skin problems and ear infections. This made Lucy wonder if it could be her pet's diet. Her research made her realize how many commercial pet food companies used a bunch of artificial ingredients with added preservatives and were not transparent about production and sourcing. She wanted to upgrade the standards in the pet food industry. This drove her to establish The Honest Kitchen to create a pet food that pet parents could trust.

For over 15 years, The Honest Kitchen has been creating and formulating pet food that is only made with the purest all-natural ingredients for meals that are healthy and flavorful. Each recipe is 100% human-grade for a superior-quality product. All ingredients are responsibly-sourced for a completely transparent product. You can trust The Honest Kitchen difference!