The Natural Dog Company

The Natural Dog Company offers safe all-natural pet treats and supplements to help your pet lead a healthier and happier life! With The Natural Dog Company, you can feel confident that you are giving your pet a product that you can trust.

The founder of The Natural Dog Company held a deep and passionate love for animals at a young age and carried that passion throughout her life and career. Later in her life when she started to experience some health issues, she turned to an all-natural toxin-free lifestyle. She then attended college to become a Nutrition Consultant & Master Herbalist and used her knowledge for her own dog's healthcare. This inspired her to use these same practices and knowledge to help pets everywhere! Thus, she started The Natural Dog Company!

All products are made with quality organic all-natural ingredients that are safe for pets and free from any chemicals or artificial additives. Free from any pesticides, chemically-enhanced fertilizers, or other harmful additives. All moisturizing balm products are certified vegan. Products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals.

The Natural Dog Company offers a wide array of all-natural products to keep your pet healthy and happy. From supplements and balms to treats and bully sticks, you'll always be able to find the perfect product for your pet!

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