Tiki Cat

Tiki Cat is part of the Tiki Pets brand that is here to provide your feline friend with nutritious and delicious foods and treats for their health and happiness! From moist and meaty meals to decadent snacks, Tiki Cat has the perfect product for your kitty!

Feed your cat a brand that stands out from the rest with Tiki Pets! Tiki Pets only uses the highest-quality all-natural ingredients in their foods and treats. Features premium proteins and wholesome superfoods to keep your kitty happy and healthy! Tiki Pets never uses any artificial additives or by-products, only offering the freshest purest products possible! Every Tiki Pets recipe is specially formulated to promote a healthy skin & coat, teeth & bones, joints, and immune system. Also promotes peak energy and weight maintenance. Tiki Pet's wide array of tasty treats and nourishing diets will be sure to please your furry friend!

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