Totally Pooched

Totally Pooched is a line of fun and engaging interactive dog toys created by the Messy Mutts brand to exercise your fur-baby's body and mind! Your dog will stay out of trouble while being entertained by these fun interactive toys! These interactive toys are a great way to engage both your dog's body and mind for a fun and beneficial playtime! Perfect for your pup's daily exercise needs! Each Totally Pooched toy is made from pet-safe durable foam rubber that is soft on your dog's mouth while being strong enough to hold up to tough chewers! Make your furry friend's playtime totally awesome with Totally Pooched Dog Toys!

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Your pet's dining area will stay neat and tidy with a handy and durable feeder from Messy Mutts! Created by pet-lovers Chris and Lauren with inspiration from their fur-babies, Daisy and Davis to design and create top-quality pet feeders for messy eaters! Designed for pets that love to get dirty! Chris utilized his background in designing housewares to create the perfect pet bowl! Each product is designed to be durable and functional yet stylish to go with any home decor! Messy Mutts has designed for your pets a top-notch and chic-looking pet feeder that you'll want to eat out of!