WackyWalk'r is here to offer your dog the best and most innovative pet leashes and toys around! Started by founder, Michael Young, he first came up with the idea for the company after going shoe shopping. While browsing he noticed women's flip-flop shoes that were being sold for the summer season. He noted the small piece of rubber in-between the two toes to keep the shoe attached. He then had the epiphany of how that flexible piece of rubber could be applied to dog leashes to create the ultimate innovative dog leash. Thus, WackyWalk'r was born!

WackyWalk'r leashes feature special rubber tubing reinforced with a nylon safety line to relieve pressure on pet parents' shoulders while walking their energetic fur-babies! This allows your pet a fun and exciting walk while limiting pressure by 50% and preventing your arms and shoulders from getting sore. These leashes are also ideal for behavioral training to deter leash pulling. Each product is proudly made in the USA!


WackyWalk'r has won an array of awards both domestically and internationally for their innovative and functional product designs! Veterinarian, Chiropractor, and Pet Parent approved!