Yoghund is the world's first frozen yogurt treat for dogs! These all-natural probiotic-packed frozen treats are the perfect healthy way to treat your furry companion!

The Yoghund brand was created by Jody Rodgers to formulate pet treats that could be delcious, healthy, nutritious, and easily-digestible. As the founder of The Barking Dog Ltd., she has dedicated herself to developing facilities that provide premium care for dogs through daycare, grooming, boarding, and training, all throughout Southern New Hampshire. She used this experience to create Yoghund to benefit pets all around the world. Jody is passionate about using holistic healing methods to help keep pets healthy and happy.

Yoghund frozen yogurt treat cups are packed with billions of gut-boosting probiotc bacteria to help keep pet's digestive systems healthy and strong. These guilt-free snacks are the perfect healthy way to reward your pet! They are low in sugar, have no grains, artificial additives, preservatives, gluten-free, naturally high in protein, vitamins and minerals, antioxidant-rich, low-fat, and low-calorie. Made in facilities that make human products by a small New England company that is dedicated to quality and safety!

Yoghund's mission statement is to offer pet owners wholesome, organic and natural functional treats to enhance overall pet health and well-being, while avoiding unnecessary calories, fats, additives and preservatives. Their company continues to strive to create and innovate delicious functional treats pets will enjoy! Treat your pet to a yummy Yoghund frozen yogurt cup today!