Coastal Safari Grooming Supplies | Dual Sided Shedding Blade

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Easily groom your dog's shedding coat with a high-quality pet grooming tool from Coastal! This Safari Dog Dual Sided Shedding Blade is perfect for dogs that love to shed. Features durable ridged stainless steel blades to easily and painlessly remove tangles and shedding hair for a smooth shed-free coat! Easily grooms even the thickest coats.Sheds large surface areas with handles held apart and sheds smaller surface areas with handles held together for versatile grooming. Keeps your furniture and house clean and free from dog hair! Has a comfort-grip handle for convenient grooming. Good for all coat types. Your dog's coat will shine with health after trying a Coastal pet grooming tool! Recommended by the Pet Beastro for dogs that love to shed!

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