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Help keep your dog's teeth healthy and strong with a Primal Antler! These premium-quality antlers are perfect for aiding your dog's good dental health! All of Primal's naturally-shed antlers are sustainably-sourced from forest floors to bring your dog a safe and healthy dental chew. Helps remove plaque and tartar buildup and strengthen teeth. Stag antlers are moderately dense. Handcrafted for pet size and safety. 100% all-natural. No odor, grease, or mess. Sourced in the USA. Recommended by the Pet Beastro for your dog's dental health!




Preparation & Serving: Antlers can softened with Bone Broth and fed as a recreational chew. Soak split antlers in Primal Bone Broth to refresh flavor.




Size Guide: Stag Antlers are available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large (XL) varieties. Please choose the appropriate size for your pet.

Small – for small dogs up to 25 lbs.
Medium – for medium dogs 15-60 lbs.
Large – for large dogs 40-100 lbs.
Extra Large (XL) – for giant dogs 80+ lbs.




Storage: Antlers should be stored at room temperature. 




Safety: Please select an appropriately-sized antler for your dog. Always supervise your pet while chewing, and take antler away if it becomes small enough to swallow. These chews are NOT meant to be completely consumed. Antlers are a 100% natural product—variations in shape & appearance are normal and should be expected. 

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