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Ingredients: Bai Zi Ren, Dan Shen, Dang Gui, Di Huang, Fu Ling, Huang Qi, Jie Geng, Jin Ying Zi, Ling Zhi, Mai Dong, Mu Li, Ren Shen, Shi Chang Pu, Suan Zao Ren, Tian Dong, Wu Wei Zi, Xuan Shen, Yin Xing Ye, Yuan Zhi, Colloidal Silver, Glycerin 

Herbal Highlights: Shi Chang Pu may increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier by opening tight junctions of endothelial cells. Yin Xing Ye helps peripheral circulation through possible anti-platelets effects and relaxing arteries.

Dang Gui and Dan Shen increase microcirculation through helping the arteries relax while slightly thinning the blood. Yin Xing Ye, commonly known as Ginkgo, also helps circulation through these mechanisms and is believed to also cross the blood-brain barrier.

Ren Shen has numerous studies improved cognitive function and alertness. Wu Wei Zi is also being studied for its possible stimulating effect on the central nervous system, improving alertness and even reflexes.

Yuan Zhi is being studied as a possible drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease through various mechanisms such as protecting neurons from Abeta-induced neuronal damage and inhibiting acetylcholinesterase’s activity.

Di Huang contains catapol, a compound with potential to treat neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, by ameliorating cognitive defects and attenuating oxidative damage in the brain.

Jin Ying Zi may help the kidneys and prevent the loss of protein and red blood cells through urine.

Ling Zhi is one of the most expensive mushrooms on the market because of its believed longevity and anticancer properties. It may also be a strong antiviral and antibiotic which is why it’s been used to help the immune system function and keep bad microbes in check.

Huang Qi has shown to increase white blood cells helping your pet’s ability to fight off bacteria and viruses. Other studies involving mice have demonstrated its ability to shrink tumors!




Administration Guidelines: Twice daily for your cat or dog. For severe cases use three times a day. Dosage is dependent on the weight of your pet. For cats, start with the lowest dose.

< 10lbs .25-.5ml
10-25lbs .5-1ml
25-50lbs 1-1.5ml
50-75lbs 1.5-2.5ml
75-100lbs 2.5-3.5ml
>100lbs 3.5-5ml

Continue for one week when symptoms are gone. This formula is filled with tonic herbs which can be taken safely every day.

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