Herbsmith Bladder Care 90 ct

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Recurrent urinary tract infections, crystals in the urine, obstructions of the urinary tract, and urinary stone formation are commonly experienced issues in our cats and dogs. Supporting bladder health is key to developing the proper urinary environment. Herbsmith Bladder Care is a must have formula to support bladder health. An amazing combination of bladder health herbs, cranberry extract, and d-mannose to receive the best of the old and the new.


Ingredients: Talcum (Hua Shi), Plantago Seed (Che Qian Zi), Dianthus (Qu Mai), and Polygonum (Bian Xu) Cool and Drain, Gardenia (Zhi Zi) Cools, Licorice (Gan Cao) Harmonizes the Actions of All the Herbs In the Formula, Cranberry Extract and D-Mannose Protect and Support the Bladder Wall.

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