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Easily test your cat's gut health with a KittyyBiome Gut Health Test from AnimalBiome. This handy at-home kit includes everything you need to test your cat's gut health. Poor gut health can cause issues like diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, and skin issues. DNA sequencing detects bacterial imbalances and provides actionable insights for personalized diet, supplement, or lifestyle changes to improve your cat’s health. Science-backed by AnimalBiome, a leader in microbiome research for pet health. Recommended by the Pet Beastro for your cat's gut health!




What's Included: The at-home Gut Health Test kit contains everything you need, including step-by-step instructions, to take a sample of your cat’s stool and mail it back to our laboratory.


Sample tubes (one is a backup)
Wooden stick
Return mailer
Fecal scoring chart
Test kit box





Collect a sample. The microbiome test kit includes everything you’ll need to collect a small sample of your cat’s stool.

Register your cat’s sample. Create an account at, complete your cat’s profile, and enter the six-character ID code listed on the front of your instruction guide.

Send your sample. The kit includes a pre-addressed mailer with prepaid postage in the US for use when sending back your sample.

We analyze your sample. Using DNA sequencing, we identify the types and proportions of all the bacteria found in your cat’s stool sample and compare it to our healthy reference set..

Receive your report. In about 2-3 weeks (from receipt of sample), you will receive an email notification when your test results are ready. Access your cat’s report via our online Pet Portal. The report will provide actionable information for you to discuss with your veterinarian.

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