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OC Raw Frozen Meaty Rox Dog Food | Chicken & Produce 3 lb (*Frozen Products for Local Delivery or In-Store Pickup Only. *)

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*Frozen Products for Local Delivery or In-Store Pickup Only. *





Chicken Ground
Chicken Bone
Chicken Liver
Chicken Gizzard
Acorn Squash
Cod Liver Oil
Calcium Carbonate




Guaranteed Analysis:

Min Crude Protein 16%
Min Crude Fat 7.0%
Max. Crude Fiber 1.0%
Max. Moisture 74%





Calorie Content: 1,314 kcal/kg = 298 kcal/8oz = 37 kcal/oz.




Feeding Transition Guidelines: Transitioning to a new food varies from pet to pet.  What works for one may not work for another.  Those with hearty digestive systems can transition quicker, even cold turkey   without any significant side effects. While other dogs benefit and may require a slow, steady transition ranging from a few days to several weeks.  Simply start with a small amount of OC Raw to your current food and every day or every few days increase the amount of OC Raw while decreasing the old food. 



Shelf Life: Frozen food should always be stored in the freezer before use. Once thawed the product should last 1-2 days if stored in the refrigerator. The food should be used before the use by date. Your use by date can be found on the back of each bag.




Safety: For maximum freshness we recommend you always store this product in the freezer until ready to use. Meaty Rox will thaw relatively quickly and should be thawed in the refrigerator NEVER in the microwave. This product is made from raw meat, raw animal ingredients, raw fruits, and raw veggies intended for human consumption and may contain bacteria harmful to people. We highly recommend you store this product separate from ready to eat foods and always wash your hands, bowls, and handling surfaces with hot soapy water after use. This product also contains ground bone which can vary in size from batch to batch. The use of stainless-steel bowls is recommended over plastic products.

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