PoochPad Extra Large Pad Beige

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Try an eco-friendly alternative to pee pads with the PoochPad! This reusable potty pad will rid the hassle of having to buy bags of pee pads! PoochPads are super absorbent odor-trapping reusable pads that are perfect for puppy potty training, senior dogs, travel, crating, home-alone dogs, and more! Ideal to place on floors, beds, cages, cars, or any other accident-prone areas. Made with microfibers to quickly absorb liquid and prevent it from soaking through the pad. Completely environmentally-friendly and reusable. Guaranteed for 300 washes. Made in USA. PoochPad is a trusted company hand-picked by the Pet Beastro for your fur-baby!


Size: 36x36"

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