SmartCat Sticky Paws Furniture Protection Sheets XL 5 ct

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Save the life of your furniture and protect them from the wrath of your feline's claws with these Furniture Protection Sheets from SmartCat! Sticky Paws are a durable sheet cover that will help protect your furniture from kitty claws and teeth! Made from durable non-toxic materials that are safe for your cat. Provides a humane alternative to declawing! Simply apply the transparent adhesive tape to furniture and curtains to create a barrier and deter your kitty from scratching and biting. Easy to apply and remove without leaving any sticky residue behind! Perfect for furniture, curtains, screens, carpets, and any other area you want to deter your cat from scratching. Made in USA. Recommended by the Pet Beastro to protect your furniture from kitty claws!





Use on over-sized areas like the backs of sofas, rugs and carpets. Sticky Paws XL is especially effective to help control inappropriate elimination on carpet areas.

Always test a small piece of Sticky Paws on an inconspicuous area before applying.

Remove individual white Sticky Paws XL sheet from brown base sheet by gently peeling from the top down. Sticky side of sheet is now exposed underneath with white application "Crack and Peel" paper on top.

Position sheet sticky-side down wherever it is needed. Press firmly from top to bottom until sheet has adhered to desired surface.

When sheet is in place, gently crack and peel the remaining layer of white paper off sheet. Your transparent Sticky Paws sheet will now stay in position depending on the type of surface and position on the sheets. To remove, simply peel off by hand or gently apply a damp cloth to steam.

Replace weekly.




Safety: Sticky Paws may damage certain surfaces (including wood finishes, painted surfaces, leather, vinyl, microfiber and wallpaper), so always test a small piece of Sticky Paws on an inconspicuous area before applying. Sticky Paws is ineffective on surfaces treated with non-stick and/or stain-repellent products, such as Scotchgard. HAZARDS TO HUMANS: Sticky Paws is not intended for animal or human consumption, and may cause injury or death. If ingestion occurs, seek immediate medical attention.

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