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Wholistic Pet Organics Digest All Plus 8 oz

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Wholistic Pet Organics makes boosting your pet's diet with all-natural supplements easy and convenient! Wholistic Pet Organics offers both supplemental powders and chews to make giving your pet supplements hassle-free! All supplements are made from 100% pure all-natural non-GMO organic ingredients that are healthy and safe for your pet. Wholistic Pet Organics is family-owned and operated company in the USA to provide your pet with the highest quality in natural supplements that you can trust. Digest All is an all-natural blend of pure human-grade wholefood ingredients packed with beneficial probiotics and enzymes to promote healthy digestive system function. Easily digestible for sensitive stomachs and for maximum nutrient absorption. Formulated for dogs of all life stages. No Artificial Additives. Made in USA. Recommended by the Pet Beastro for your dog's health and wellness!




Active Ingredients: 

Protease 12,100 msg amino acid liberated/min/g
Amylase 52.5g starch dextrinized/min/g
Cellulase 0.60 mg glucose liberated/min/g
Hemicellulase 11 mg hemicellulose reduced/min/g
Lipase 130 moles of fatty acid liberated/min/g
Bromelain 36.66 msg amino acid liberated/min/g
Papain 375 msg amino acid liberated/min/g
Lactobacillus Acidophilus 5 billion CFU/g
Bifidobacterium Longum 5 billion CFU/g
Fructooligosaccharide 30 mg




Administration Guidelines: 1 scoop = 1/4 teaspoon = 1 g (scoop included)

For Dogs and Cats: Mix ¼ teaspoon per cup of food. For best results, use with every feeding.

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