The Pet Beastro Team

The Staff

We truly have the best people that work here at The Pet Beastro. We pride ourselves on being like a little family. Our team of nutrition specialists is top notch and their desire to help you is unmatched.

Meet The Owner, Jill:

Dr. Jill Tack is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, who has earned a reputation in the metro Detroit area as a leading expert on natural and alternative health, organic and raw pet food, and overall nutrition. She opened The Pet Beastro in 2003, which is located in Madison Heights, Michigan and is much more than a retail pet food store. It is a team of dedicated staff members with extensive training in pet nutrition, naturopathy, holistic healing principles, and in all the product lines they carry. They believe if you feed your pet better, they will feel healthier and ultimately live longer. These principles are the same for their human companions.  

 Meet Co-Owner, Louis:

Store Cats:

Meet Tango, Rinjani, Poppy and Kianga (clockwise)!


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