Animal Chiropractic Visits For Both Cats & Dogs

Animal Chiropractic Visits


Meet Our Pet Chiropractor Dr. Christina Cole:

Dr. Cole, of Advanced Animal Chiropractic, is a chiropractor licensed and certified to work with animals and has chosen to do so exclusively. She is one of only a handful of people in this profession in Michigan. 

Please note: All chiropractic care is given with the consent of a veterinarian, veterinarian referral or in a veterinarian office.


Meet Our Pet Chiropractor Dr. Grant Tully:

Dr. Tully, of Advanced Animal Chiropractic, is a licensed human chiropractor certified in animal chiropractic via the IVCA (International Veterinary Chiropractic Association). He and Dr. Cole are one of only a handful of people in this profession in Michigan. 

If your animal is having any pain walking or running, you may want to start with an adjustment just like with humans.

Watch Animal Chiropractic Adjustments

Video: Typical Canine Adjustment

Video: Typical Feline Adjustment


  • The initial examination and adjustment is $90, follow-up visits are $55.

Beginning January 2, 2019, for every 12 regularly priced chiropractic sessions you purchase, you'll receive one FREE as part of our Frequent Buyer Program. 

Exclusive Savings

Active Service & Police Dogs - Advanced Animal Chiropractic offers a professional rate for these working pups (not including therapy dogs).

  • Initial Visit - $50 (41% Off)
  • Follow-Up Visit - $25 (50% Off) 

Black Card Weekends - In support of our partnership with Advanced Animal Chiropractic, The Pet Beastro is happy to extend a very EXCLUSIVE offer to Black Card holders on certain weekends throughout the year. Cardholders enjoy:

  • 20% off all Supplements, Toys & Treats
  • $29 Nutrition Consult Sessions (normally $69)

Schedule a Session

The easiest way to schedule an appointment is to call the retail store at 248-548-3448.

Please be sure to complete and print the Chiropractic Veterinary Consent & Referral Form here before your session.