Nature's Sunshine For Cats & Dogs

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Natural replacement of Benedryl and safe to use for with dogs with allergies. It can be helpful for hayfever, food allergies, and leaky gut syndrome. Read More...


Works to repair the gut from allergies and yeast overgrowth. May be used with dogs running agility or animals that are heavily exercised to help with over-exertion and muscle soreness. Read More...

Red Clover Blend

Great blood cleanser and can be especially useful before and after any medications or vaccines where the organs need cleansing. Can also be good for yeast overgrowth with a strict candida diet implemented as well as uses for bladder and lymphatic systems. Read More...


Garlic is great for immune system support, flea repellent and used as an anti-parasitic herb for intestinal parasites. Also, helpful for those cats and dogs that won’t eat fresh garlic in their food. Read More...

Distress Remedy

Great to use for animals and their owners that may be experiencing periods of grief or distress that could be caused by a death in the family, new move, anxious pet owners, etc. This combination of Bach flower remedy’s and North American flower remedy’s makes it similar to Rescue Remedy but provides a “white” color with benefits of a more emotionally balancing blend. This blend is great to use for those that have a hard time dealing with anger, sadnes, and fear (such as thunderstorms). Read More...

Black Ointment

This herbal salve is great for topical fungus and parasites such as ringworm, scabies and mange. It is most effective as an antiseptic with drawing qualities. Best when applies to wounds that are full of pus and infections as it pulls it out of the wound. Read More...

Bifidophilus Flora Force

Most cats and dogs need probiotics especially if they have ever been on an anti-biotic at any point in their life. It can always help greatly with renal failure. Probiotics can greatly help with diarrhea (especially when caused by travel), irritable bowel syndrome, fungal infections, leaky gut syndrome, gas, and pancreatitis. Read More...


I would use chlorophyll for any dog that “smells like dog”, has bad breath, consumes monthly or daily prescriptions or likes to graze on grass. This liquid chlorophyll is from alfalfa which is rich in iron and trace minerals. Read More...

Vitamin E with Selenium

This wonderful harmony of Vitamin E and selenium is great for our senior pets. It helps the body utilize oxygen on a cellular level as well as improving circulation. Vitamin E deficiency disorders may show with weakened heart, muscular dystrophy, neurological diseases and reproductive issues. Read More...

All Cell Detox

If your pet has had vaccines or been on any pharmaceuticals for a long period of time, I would consider adding All Cell Detox to their regimen. This general cleansing formula can improve the health of the internal organs because of its blood purifying properties. Read More...
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