BoxieCat Pro | Scoop & Spray Litter Extender 24 oz

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Help extend the use of your cat litter with this new handy Litter Extender Scoop & Spray from Boxiecat! This spray will help your litter last longer and your wallet stay full! Helps eliminate unwanted litter odors and reduces contaminants so you don't have to change your cat's litter out as often. Ideal to use on any of your favorite cat litters! Simply spray after you scoop out your cat's litter to keep your kitty's litter box hygienic and fresh! Utilizes a unique probiotic odor encapsulator™ non-clumping spray to trap any unwanted odors and leave litter smooth. Made with all-natural ingredients that are safe and gentle for your cat. Formulated for all litter types. Made in USA. Boxiecat is a fan-favorite cat litter brand at the Pet Beastro!


Duration of Use: 1 Bottle + 1 Box = 4 Months



1.) Shake before each use.

2.) Hold bottle 1-2 feet above litter box. Spray up to 3 pumps evenly across the surface of the litter, and repeat after each scooping.

3.) When replacing litter, spray surface fo a clean and disinfected litter box before refilling litter, then repeat step 2.

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