BoxieCat was created by cat people for cat people! With BoxieCat, your kitty's litter area will stay fresh and clean for hassle-free cleanup!

Established in 2009 by Josh Wiesenfeld to create a special kind of cat litter that would leave the litter-box smelling fresh and make cleanup a breeze! He got inspiration from his friendly feline, Goldie and his desire to provide her with the highest quality litter. BoxieCat's core mission statement is to provide cat parents with natural, long-lasting, and functional litter that is healthy and safe for their cats for easy cleanup.

In 2015, BoxieCat launched their first line of all-natural odor and stain removers to keep your cat's litter area smelling clean and fresh! BoxieCat products are all-natural, safe for pets, and safe for the planet for a quality eco-friendly litter you can trust.  


Thanks to Josh and Goldie, BoxieCat is now enjoyed in feline households all across the United States! Veterinarian-recommended! Kitty approved!