Happy Howie's

Happy Howie's is a trusted independent company based in Detroit, Michigan to create healthy and tasty treats for your dog to enjoy! They use quality natural ingredients to create tasty treats your pup will love!
Started in 2006, Happy Howie's was created in order to provide pets with treats that were both healthy and delicious! Stationed in the heart of Detroit, Happy Howie's also wanted to use their company to help revitalize and regrow the city! The company was named after a resilient border collie named Howie rescued from the Humane Society. He defied all odds to live a happy and healthy life! Howie's resilience was the perfect mascot for Happy Howie's!

Over the past 6 years, Happy Howie's has grown from a small Detroit-based company to one that helps distribute quality health treats to dogs everywhere!

Happy Howie's offers a variety of delicious treats your dog will be drooling over! Happy Howie's is a popular customer-favorite at The Pet Beastro! Try a tasty treat today! Your dog will thank you for it!