Himalayan Dog Chew

Himalayan Dog Chew was started in 2003, by brothers Suman and Sujan Shrestha, their friend, Nishes Shrestha and their dog, Kaos. The idea was born when they saw that their dog, Kaos, loved Churpi; a traditional Nepalese chew made for people of the Himalayas. They then spent the next 4 years reformulating the traditional recipe by removing the lactose and fat content; to create a healthy and flavorful long-lasting cheese chew for dogs. Thus, the Himalayan Dog Chew was created!

The company began by going to local pet fairs in Bellingham, WA to build their brand. Word quickly spread and soon Himalayan Dog Chew has expanded and grown into the successful company it is today!

Himalayan Dog Chew helps give back to the community by partnering with small family farms in Nepal and Washington State to ethically source their ingredients while supporting small family-owned farms. The company also donates 100% of proceeds from their Loom toys line to Women's Skills Development Center to help disadvantaged women in Nepal by teaching them self-support skills to become independent. They have also partnered with Manaram Foundation in Nepal to donate one textbook for every pound of cheese sold. This has helped build over 175 libraries across the nation!

By supporting Himalayan Dog Chew, you are giving your dog a healthy and delicious snack while helping families in Nepal and the United States grow and thrive! Himalayan Dog Chews are loved by customers and their fur-babies here at The Pet Beastro! Your dog will love these flavorful cheesy chews!

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