Smallbatch Pets

Smallbatch is an independent family-owned company settled in the California Bay Area that is committed to bringing your pet the freshest and healthiest raw food available! Guaranteed sustainable and organic from a trusted family company that has a passion for pets! Only made with the highest quality humanely-raised meats without any antibiotics or hormones along with local organic non-GMO herbs and vegetables sourced from the USA for a healthy nutrient-packed diet your pet will love! Smallbatch is dedicated to providing your pet with the freshest and healthiest products to ensure your pet lives a long and happy life!

In 2004, the first batches of raw food are made in the company's San Francisco kitchen.

2005 marked the company's first local deliveries.

In 2007, Smallbatch's first official store opens.

In 2008, the company made food in their first Santa Clara facility and leased their first freezer truck.

2010 marked the company's first Smallbatch patties.

In 2011, Newco became the company's first distributor.

In 2014, Smallbatch welcomed its first batches made in Aumsville, Oregon.

As the years go by, Smallbatch continues to succeed, innovate, and grow! When you buy Smallbatch, you are guaranteed a fresh and healthy raw diet for your pet to keep them happy and healthy!

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