Wondercide is a natural remedy for protecting your pet from irritating pests! Kills and repels 98% of fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Made without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals. Cedar oil is the main ingredient. Kills full life cycle and repels pests. Works on furniture and carpet. Safe for use on both dogs and cats. No artificial fragrances, colors, or synthetic pesticides. Uses only the highest quality essential oils. Made in USA. Proudly chosen by the Pet Beastro for your pet’s protection!

Wondercide was founded in 2009 by Stephanie to save her beloved sweet Akita-Husky mix, Luna. Luna had been suffering from pesticide poisoning as a result of commonly prescribed monthly flea-and-tick medication and quarterly yard pest control services. This causes an array of stressful ailments in pets, including chronic skin issues, liver and kidney failure, and seizures. Despite several vets' recommendation to put Luna down, Stephanie persevered to save her canine companion. 

Through research and dedication, Stephanie formulated and founded Wondercide as a pet-safe all-natural alternative to commercial pest repellents. This allowed Stephanie to nurse Luna back to health and help her live a long and happy life to the age of 16. From humble beginnings online and at local farmer's markets to her exposure on Shark Tank, Stephanie grew her product to the successful line it is today! With Wondercide, you're choosing a trusted product for protecting your pets like the beloved family members they are! 

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