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Gently clean and freshen your pet with a natural Shampoo from Wondercide! Wondercide provides safe and gentle all-natural grooming products for your pet that are free of any harsh chemicals. This shampoo richly lathers with olive oil while gently soothing and conditioning your pet's skin and coat. Features cedar and peppermint oil to clean and remove bacteria while also naturally repelling fleas and ticks. Both kills and prevents fleas and ticks in all life stages. Also soothes itchy skin from bug bites. Only made with pure all-natural ingredients that are safe and gentle on your pet. Strong enough to kill and repel pests yet gentle and nourishing on your pet's skin. Formulated for both dogs and cats. No Artificial Dyes or Fragrances. Paraben and Sulfate-Free. Phenol & Clove-Free. Made in USA. Wondercide is a trusted fan-favorite of the Pet Beastro!


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Active Ingredients (2%), Source, and Purpose:

1.0% Cedarwood Oil Virginiana cedarwood trees Kills and repels pests. Scent qualities: Calming, Soothing, Comforting.
1.0% Peppermint Oil Peppermint Leaves Kills and repels pests. Scent qualities: Energizing, Uplifting, Invigorating

Inert Ingredients (98%) and Source:

Soap Saponified oils of olive and laurel bay leaf





Directions: Wet pet and apply shampoo in a line down the neck, back, and legs. Rub shampoo into coat and massage into a rich lather down to the skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Let lather sit for about 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. 




Safety: For dogs and cats four months or older.

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