The Pet Beastro Return & Refund Policy

Our Return & Refund Policy 

We are very proud of all the items we offer in our store or online. And we do offer a full money-back guarantee. Please keep these guidelines in mind when returning an item:

Full-Money Back Guarantee must follow all of these policies:

  • Damaged items are returned within one week.
  • Applies to all items that are brought back to the store within 30 days of purchase date.
  • Applies to all items that are unopened. Or if opened are damaged or does not work.
  • Applies if a product is in original form. For example: frozen product is still frozen.
  • Applies to all items that are returned with a receipt.
  • Applies to food products if 90% or more is not used or eaten.

Please Note:

  • Rocky Mountain Oils and All Toys must be returned unused and unopened for the manufacturer to accept them for a refund.
  • All Pet Beastro custom blends are FINAL SALE. This includes Flower Remedies, Homeopathics, Salves, and Oil Blends.

Store Credits will be offered when:

  • No receipt is provided but follows all items listed above.

Manufacturer Recalls will be honored when:

  • All specific manufacturer requirements are followed.

There are no refunds on opened items or on shipping fees.