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Earth Animal Flea & Tick Program Flea & Tick Powder 8 oz

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This healthy, non-toxic flea and tick internal powder is to help guard your dog and cat against pesky summertime insects from the inside-out. The 8 oz container is yeast-free and should be used during peak season to help repel insects from your pet. What we love most about Earth Animal Daily Herbal Internal Powder is that it can also be used year-round to boost your pet's immune system and to help keep their robust repellent action. The internal powder can simply be added to your pet's meal. The combination of herbs helps to change your dog or cat's odor so fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and insects do not like the scent or taste of their blood. The odor is undetectable by humans but is loathed by these bothersome bugs. The product is a healthy alternative to the chemical insecticides and pesticides. During peak insect season, you can combine the Earth Animal Daily Herbal Internal Powder with Earth Animal Herbal Drops for added insect protection. You can even take your protection a step further by adding the Earth Animal Herbal Spray to your pet's coat before they leave the house for the outdoors.


- Made in the USA

- Veterinarian formulated

- Satisfaction guarantee

- Safe for cats and dogs and year-round use

- Digestible powder

- Non-toxic


Active Ingredients per Scoop: Alfalfa, Garlic, Spirulina, Kelp, Papaya, Neem, Nettles, Hawthorne.


Usage Suggestions: Slowly introduce into your dog and cat’s daily meals. Build up to recommended dosage. Use all year round. During peak season, double the dosage. Can be mixed with plain, organic yogurt or add water to make into a tasty paste.


Dosage by Weight, for Dogs, Daily or Divided:

1-9 lbs - 1/4 teaspoons

10-20 lbs - 1/2 teaspoons

21-50 lbs - 1 teaspoons

51-85 lbs - 1 1/2 teaspoons

86+ lbs - 2 teaspoons

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