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Goli Design | Catnip Infused Mice single

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Goli Design offers your kitty high-quality hand-crafted cat toys that are infused with pure organic catnip! Your cat will love pouncing and playing with these colorful toys! Handmade with durable cotton fabric and synthetic thread. Each toy is infused with pure organic catnip oil from USA-grown catnip then dried for an irresistible scent your cat will go crazy for! Scent is potent and long-lasting for endless enjoyment! Keeps your cat entertained and exercised! Thoughtfully hand-selected by the Pet Beastro for your kitty's enjoyment!


* Single toy color will be selected at random. * 


See all the health benefits of play for your cat here! https://www.thepetbeastro.com/blogs/bits-bites-natural-pet-health-blog/why-do-cats-need-to-play/

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