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Kitty Boinks Cat Toys Cat Bamboozler 36"

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Bamboozle your kitty for a fun and exciting playtime with this amazing Cat Bamboozler Cat Wand from Kitty Boinks! Your kitty will be flying through the air to chase after this awesome cat wand! Features a high-quality bamboo stick with attached ribbon of durable Boinks braided material. This multi-functional toy has many ways to play! Use as a traditional cat wand to spend some quality bonding time with your feline companion, or stick the bamboo wand in the sofa and watch your kitty hunt solo! Great for satisfying your cat's natural instinct to hunt prey! Ideal for getting your cat their daily exercise requirement as well! Hand-picked by the Pet Beastro for an exciting playtime!


* Single toy color will be selected at random. *


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Product reviews (1)

Alex 26-04-2022 11:10

One of the absolute best cat toys out there! Our cats go absolutely crazy over them, to the point where we need one on each floor so there’s always one close at hand. Highly recommend!

Also, major shout-out to the Pet Beastro staff. This store is one of the only places I can consistently find the 36” version of the toy, but I live out of state and am forced to have it shipped. It was damaged in transit, but the PB staff promptly got a new one shipped when I reached out. Outstanding customer service!

Love this toy and love doing business with Pet Beastro!

5 stars based on 1 reviews

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