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Messy Cats | Reversible Interactive Feeding Mat Watermelon

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Feed your messy cat and keep your house clean with a handy Reversible Interactive Feeding Mat from Messy Mutts! This mat helps keep your floor clean while your messy feline enjoys their meals! Simply spread your cat's favorite food or treats on this mat for easy feeding! Great for purees, wet food, soft treats, and more! Just feed, wash, and repeat! Your cat will enjoy eating off the soft textured surface! Features a non-slip design. Reversible for added texture variety. Made from flexible FDA-approved pet-safe silicone that is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Great for slower feeding for cats that scarf down their food! Aids in promoting healthy digestion. Odor and stain resistant. Your cat will enjoy the relaxing motion of licking up their food. Make mealtime fun with Messy Mutts! Dishwasher-Safe. Freezer & Microwave-Safe. BPA-Free. Recommended by the Pet Beastro for messy kitties!


Learn more about the benefits of interactive slow feeding mats here!


Cleaning: Hand wash with warm water and mild soap or place in dishwasher.

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