A Yummy Way To Exercise Your Cat Or Dog’s Brain

A Yummy Way To Exercise Your Cat Or Dog’s Brain

September is all about ways to mentally stimulate your cats and dogs! This is important for all fur babies, especially if your pets suffer from anxiety or boredom. Our enrichment mats are the delicious and nutritious answer to all of your pet's problems! These will keep your pet occupied and stimulated for hours of tail-wagging fun!

Does your dog or cat suffer from anxiety? Or maybe you need to distract your pet or bust their boredom? Then an enrichment mat is a delicious answer!

Lick The Stress & Boredom Away 

An enrichment mat (or lick mat) is a pet-safe non-toxic rubber mat with a variety of different grooves, ridges, and edges that can help calm and keep your dog or cat occupied. The possibilities of what you can put on these mats are endless. 

A fan-favorite brand at The Pet Beastro is the SodaPup E-mats. These will keep your pet occupied and stimulated for hours of fun! Enrichment mats are great not just for anxiety and boredom but also to reduce destructive behavior. Messy Mutts and Messy Cat are also other fan favorites that offers mats. 

Five Health Benefits of Enrichment Mats For Cats & Dogs

Enrichment mats are helpful for many health reasons! 

  • The food and treats you put on the mat may help prevent overfeeding by providing nutrition over a more extended period. 
  • It provides loads of entertainment and mental stimulation without tons of extra calories since they take some time to lick all the goodies off.
  • When your dog or cat licks, this prompts serotonin and other endorphins to be released from the brain, causing a calming and anti-anxiety effect for your pet. 
  • Licking also promotes fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums due to their tongue being clean. 
  • The repetitive licking also stimulates saliva to aid digestion

Eight Easy Ways To Use Enrichment Mats For Pets

You purchased an enrichment mat; now you have to come up with what to put on it. Below are some favorite products featured at The Pet Beastro that you can use on your pet's mat. 

  1. Raw food
  2. Freeze-dried Raw hydrated with Goat's Milk or Bone Broth
  3. Primals' Fresh Toppers
  4. The Bear & The Rat Frozen Yogurt 
  5. Nature's Logic Peanut Butter
  6. Colorado Hemp Honey 
  7. Canned Food
  8. Green Juju 

Other items found in your fridge or freezer, like bananas, sweet potatoes, or frozen veggies! The possibilities are endless. Be creative.

Fun Summer or Warm Weather Tip: You can also extend the licking time by placing it in the freezer or using sticky foods. This option is seasonless as it also increases the difficulty level for your pet and provides additional mental stimulation. 

You can always shop in-store at The Pet Beastro or via our online natural pet food, treats, toys, and supplies store for all the varieties of enrichment mats and foods to incorporate. 


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