Homeopathy Sessions for Cats and Dogs

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Many people turn to The Pet Beastro as a last resort. Their pets have had long-term chronic illnesses and they’ve tried everything conventional medicine and their vet have can offer, their pets are exhibiting very bizarre symptoms that their vet has never heard of, or their pet has severe behavioral issues like aggression and chasing their tail uncontrollably. The Pet Beastro’s Homeopathic Sessions offer a natural and holistic way to try to combat the issues. 



What Is A Pet Homeopathy Session

Our Homeopathic Sessions are 90-120 minute, one-on-one sessions in our store or online. During these sessions, we’ll do an in-depth review of your dog or cat's symptoms and history and provide a specific remedy to promote their healing mentally, emotionally, and physically. We may include additional remedies such as herbs or Bach Flowers.

Please note that this form of healing requires a lot of patience as it may take weeks before we notice subtle changes. Additionally, pets must be on a raw diet for a minimum of 8 weeks before a session can be scheduled. For exceptions, please call the store at (248) 548-3448.


$199 for a 90-minute appointment (follow-up communication included). In addition to the service appointment fee, any products suggested will be an additional charge (i.e. supplements, remedies, and homeopathics). The supplements are not included in the service appointment pricing since they vary for each animal individually.

Make An Appointment:

To schedule a session for you and your furry friend(s), call the store at (248) 548-3448.


All situations will be handled case by case. Each animal is its own individual and every problem presents itself differently from animal to animal. If you are unsure about what appointment they need, please ask before booking the appointment.

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