Yeowww! Cat Toys Butterfly Blue single

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Spoil your kitty with a cute and fun toy from Yeowww! Yeowww! provides toys that are gentle and safe for your kitty and will give them endless hours of play! Each adorable and colorful toy is filled with all-natural organically-grown catnip that will delight your feline friend! These toys help simulate prey to entice your kitty's natural instinct to hunt! Watch them pounce and play with these fun toys! Ideal for your cat's daily exercise needs! Great for both independent and group play! These colorful Butterflies feature crinkling wings to excite and entertain your kitty! These fun toys are the perfect way to spend some quality bonding time with your feline best friend! Made in USA. Yeowww! is a trusted company that is a favorite of the Pet Beastro to provide your kitty with high-quality hand-sewn toys!


Explore all the benefits of catnip for your furry friend with The Pet Beastro's "Catnip - Fun, Functional, & Not Just For Felines!" Blog!


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