Yeowww! Cat Toys Catnip Tub 2 oz

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Treat your cat to a little bit of kitty heaven with the best catnip around! Yeowww! provides your kitty with pungent all-natural organically-grown catnip for your feline friend to enjoy! Sprinkle a bit out for your cat and watch them go crazy with excitement and delight! Great for getting your kitty up and active! This pungent catnip will drive even the most finicky feline crazy! Made in USA. Yeowww! is a trusted company that is a favorite of the Pet Beastro to provide your kitty with high-quality all-natural catnip!


Explore all the benefits of catnip for your furry friend with The Pet Beastro's "Catnip - Fun, Functional, & Not Just For Felines!" Blog!


See all the health benefits of play for your cat here!

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