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We offer raw, dehydrated, organic and natural foods for dogs and cats to help pets improve digestion, have shinier coats, maintain healthier joints, reduce allergies and increase overall well-being.


Holiday delights for dogs and cats alike. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so go ahead and fill their stockings full of hand-crafted, American Made, Ho-Ho-Hairballs and Big Sky Reindeer!


We offer a wealth of knowledge about pet nutrition and common health issues and helps provide you the knowledge to take care of your pets needs so that they live a long and healthy life with your family.


Lollycadoodle is a designer line of handmade, 100% wool pet toys and beds, dogs and cats love the natural wool smell and the warm feel of our beds and toys.


We are now online and devoted to providing nutritious pet foods, healthy treats and safe toys that you never have to worry about being on recall lists or harming your pet.